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Tenant & Renter Placement Guarantee – Kansas City Metro Area

Tenant Placement Guarantee

As a rental property owner in Kansas City, you probably worry about your tenants not paying the rent on time or being unable to pay their rent, due to unemployment or other problems. If you are forced to evict a renter, there’s always a worry about how soon you can find a new one and restore the lost income. Other common worries include renters breaking their lease and vanishing, perhaps leaving your property in poor condition and requiring expensive repairs. These issues are common concerns for all rental property owners, and can be difficult for the individual owner to manage alone.

Prolonged vacancies to rental properties are very costly. As your trusted Kansas City property management company, 33rd Company’s job is to maximize your rental income by minimizing your vacancy rate. We minimize your rental vacancy rate by effectively marketing your property. More importantly, our comprehensive tenant screening process selects only the most qualified renters for our managed properties. By choosing tenants for your property who have a strong credit history and stable employment, we reduce renter turnovers and rental vacancies.

Then, our property management strategies help keep tenants in properties we manage by offering them convenient, automatic rent payment methods, access to computerized records, and fast response to maintenance requests. Keeping tenants happy in their rental homes is a powerful incentive for them to stay and continue their relationship with us and to keep your rental income flowing.

Our property management company is so confident in our tenant screening and tenant relationship strategies that we offer our property owners a one-of-a-kind FREE Tenant Placement Guarantee. If any tenant placed by our Kansas City property management company is evicted for any reason or moves out of the property before the lease ends, we will find a replacement tenant at ABSOLUTELY NO CHARGE! We want our property owners have peace of mind in trusting us to manage their rental homes, so we do our very best to ensure that your tenants are responsible and reliable renters.


More Effective Tenant Screening Means Lower Vacancy & Renter Turnovers

Few rental management companies offer a FREE Tenant Placement Guarantee in Kansas and Missouri. Most rental home management companies are also less selective than 33rd company in choosing tenants. Further, they may also not offer effective tenant management strategies that keep tenants satisfied in their rental homes. As a result, property owners can face the problems of tenant eviction, early move-outs and high tenant turnovers.

For each prospective tenant, we conduct a thorough background check that includes criminal background and credit history. We verify the prospect’s employment status and income. We also check with former landlords for past rent payment history. Our property managers use this stringent screening process to select the most qualified tenants to ensure that your rental income is uninterrupted.

The Tenant Placement Guarantee only applies to new tenant placement costs and does not cover eviction costs, lost rent from vacancy, or any other damages, which shall be addressed using the tenant security deposit.


Having Peace of Mind with Our Tenant Placement Guarantee

At 33rd Company, our constant priority is to keep your rental property occupied by well-screened tenants who have the economic stability and backgrounds that help ensure that they will honor the terms of their lease. Beyond that, our careful management of tenant relationships keeps those tenants satisfied with their situation. We recognize that a vacant home cannot provide the positive cash flow property owners need and expect. Our Tenant Placement Guarantee is your assurance that your Kansas City area property is under good management with 33rd Company. Contact us to discuss your property management needs. Let us show you the 33rd Company difference.

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