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If you’re a real estate investor, you already know why you own rental property, and appreciate the many benefits of owning and renting residential property makes excellent economic sense. If you’re not already a rental property owner, though, you may have some misconceptions about the benefits of being a rental property owner. At our Kansas City property management company, we’ve helped thousands of property owners realize their goals and avoid the pitfalls of managing residential property. We understand how residential rental property ownership can be an important part of a balanced plan for growing wealth and generating cash flow, no matter what economic conditions may be. Here are some of the ways our clients benefit from owning quality residential properties and renting them to qualified, reliable tenants:

  • Real Estate Is Real Wealth – As a long-term investment, ownership of real estate, especially residential real estate, has proven to be one of the most effective ways to ensure the growth of your investment. People always need places to live, and the price of residential real estate has risen steadily when measured over decades. While there are times when real estate values decrease, history demonstrates that real estate always appreciates over the long term. The recent real estate crises represent a generational buying opportunity of real assets that will again appreciate over time.
  • Rental Properties Provide Cash Flow – A steady stream of cash flow is important to most investors, and residential rentals consistently supply a regular and dependable flow of cash. Properly managed and well-maintained residential real estate is always in demand by reliable tenants, who rent for extended periods of time.
  • Tax Benefits – Real Estate Owners find out quickly the significant tax benefits that can qualify for as owners of rental property. Our tax benefit guide will shows you how to maximize your tax savings, and your cash flow.
  • Good Timing Spells Success – In today’s real estate market, home prices are down. While that’s a problem for many, real estate investors recognize a downturn in residential property prices as a real opportunity. Low prices, combined with historically low interest rates for residential mortgages and high demand for rental homes, mean that savvy investors are actively seeking deeply discounted, quality homes to add to their rental portfolios. Many opportunities exist for real estate investors throughout the Kansas City metro area.
  • Appreciation Grows Wealth – By buying residential properties during market slumps at bargain prices, the power of appreciation can be effectively leveraged by wise investors. Residential real estate is a proven performer, with clear historical appreciation over the long term. Today’s bargain prices and low interest rates, along with steady cash flow through high demand by tenants, makes adding rental properties now to an investment portfolio extremely attractive.
  • Quality Is Key – As with all investments, the quality of the residential property acquired is a key factor in the success of the investment. High-quality residential properties are always in demand by well-qualified, stable tenants.
  • Owning Even a Single Rental Home Makes Sense – For a growing number of homeowners, selling their current home in today’s depressed market when moving to a new home is not a good bargain. Similarly, selling a residential property acquired through inheritance or owned by the beneficiaries of an estate may not be the best decision in the current market. Holding onto the property and renting it out provides positive cash flow and an opportunity to wait for more favorable market conditions.
  • Professional Management Spells Success – Managing residential rental properties can be complex. From meeting legal requirements and finding good tenants to record keeping and dealing with maintenance requests, property management can be confusing and time-consuming. Hiring a professional, experienced property management company shifts the management burden off your shoulders, and lets you concentrate on other priorities. The cost of real estate management is low, compared to the time required to manage your own residential rental properties. Most rental property owners find that using a reliable management company significantly improves their cash flow, including the management fees.

Kansas City Property Management for Rental Real Estate Investors

At 33rd Company, we bring over 15 years of experience in professional property management to the table. We understand the legal complexities of property management and have long experience in screening prospective tenants and in the day-to-day management of residential properties. Our low, competitive property management fees reduce your overhead and increase your income. Our dedication to excellence in service is your assurance of problem-free management of a single property or a large portfolio of investment properties. Contact us today to discuss your property management needs and for a free, no-obligation consultation. Let us show you how we add value to your investment.


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