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Professional Property Management in Kansas City – Finding Ideal Renters & Tenants

One of the most difficult issues for property owners who manage their own residential properties is finding qualified, reliable tenants. It’s all too common for a tenant who seems respectable and promises to pay rents on time and take care of your property to turn out not to be what you expected. Proper screening of prospective tenants takes experience and requires access to reports that can be almost impossible to obtain by the average person. One of the primary functions of professional property management in Kansas and Missouri is in attracting tenants for your vacant property who truly are qualified, reliable, and careful. At 33rd Company, we have over 15 years of experience in screening tenants, and we use the latest technology and screening techniques to help assure success. Here’s a short synopsis of what we do:

  • Property Marketing – Attracting good tenants to your property means advertising the property in a wide variety of ways. We advertise your property on an automated, syndicated feed system of over 200 websites. Our network of websites that advertise your property, along with our extensive referral network that helps relocating professionals find rental homes, attracts prospective tenants quickly. We also track internet click data, and provide weekly click reports to owners with vacant homes. The result is better marketing, and shorter vacancies, making you more money.
  • Property Showing – Our renter screening begins when prospective tenants contact us. We interview these contacts initially to make sure we’re showing them suitable properties and that they meet our screening criteria. Then, we conduct showings of your property and accept applications to rent the property. An application fee is required from the prospective tenant.
  • Income Qualification Screening – Each adult or family unit occupying a property must show evidence that they earn at least three times the rent every month. Each unrelated adult applicant must qualify individually, to protect against a roommate moving out during the term of the lease. Proof of income is required.
  • Employment Screening – Typically the prospective renter must have at least one year on the current job, although exceptions can be made for job transfers or for persons just starting on a career. We verify this with the employer.
  • Credit Screening – A credit report is obtained through credit reporting agencies, and verification of bank funds is done. Some of the things we look for are:
    • 2 years of no late payments in case of a prior bankruptcy.
    • No more than three credit discrepancies or any established trends.
    • No past unpaid rent or mortgage payments.
    • At least 2 years of good credit history.
  • Criminal Background Check – We run a criminal background check on every prospective tenant. This is a very important screening item.
  • Prior Landlord Reference Check – A two-year clear record as a tenant or homeowner is required.
  • All Information Must be Verifiable – We don’t accept assurances of any important factors about a prospective tenant, but require verification of all information.
  • Fair Housing – 33rd Company adheres to the letter and spirit of the United States Fair Housing Act and all applicable laws in Missouri and Kansas.

Kansas City Property Management Company – Reliable, Qualified Tenants & Renters

At our rental property management company, we’re dedicated to finding high quality tenants for every property we manage. Our marketing and screening techniques, along with our 15+ years as professional property managers, help us to find tenants who will make rent payments on time, be stable and trustworthy, and take care of your rental property properly. That combination of traits is the key to steady cash flow, reduced vacancy periods, and peace of mind for the property owner. Over time, all of those factors mean more income for you and lower costs. We offer affordable management fees to maximize your income while lowering the overhead. Contact us soon to discuss your property management needs. Let us help you achieve success.


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