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If you own a property that you want to rent, from a single home to an entire portfolio of rental homes, it’s easy to get all the information you need to get started with professional rental home management in Kansas throughout the metro area. Our rental home management company offers a free 1-hour in-home consultation that will give you all the information you need to make a decision about setting up a relationship with us for complete property management services in the Kansas City area. We can alternatively provide a short consultation video by link, so you can review the information at your convenience, and have the same information as our in-home consultation. During and following this consultation, one of our experienced professional property managers will do the following:

  • In-Home Visit – At your convenience, a professional rental property manager will meet with you at the property you’re considering putting under management. There is no charge for this consultation, which typically takes about an hour.
  • In-Home Visit Video – This video provides the same wealth of information as our in-home consultation, but you can review the information at your convenience. (Great for owners who live out of State or have busy schedules).
  • Rental Property Analysis – We’ll take a close look at the property, assessing its condition, size, location, amenities, and many other factors that can affect its appeal and value to potential renters.
  • Competitive Market Analysis – We’ll do a thorough assessment of typical rental prices for properties like yours in the particular community and assess vacancy rates and other factors. With this information in hand, we’ll be able to help you set a price for your rental that will help assure low vacancy rates and a good return for you.
  • Condition Evaluation – How easy it will be to rent your home to a reliable, qualified tenant depends on many factors, but the condition of the home is one of the most important of these factors. We’ll make recommendations on repairs, upgrades, and other things you can do to increase the value of your home to prospective tenants and make your home more competitive in the marketplace and maximize the cash flow from your property.
  • Arranging Repairs & Upgrades – Because we provide a great deal of work for the licensed and insured handymen and contractors we use to do maintenance and repairs on the homes we manage, any necessary repairs can be done to you home at our special volume-discounts, if you choose.
  • Property Management Information – We’ll explain the services we provide our clients and answer any questions you may have about professional property management and 33rd Company. We’ll also explain our fee schedule, accounting methods, and explain how all funds are handled.
  • Determining Your Preferences – We’ll inquire into your preferences for tenants for your property. Questions will include your preferences regarding pets, smoking, number of occupants and other issues. Our goal is to match your property with tenants who meet your preferences, as long as restrictions do not violate federal and state regulations.
  • What Happens Next?– If you decide to hire our Kansas City rental home management services to manage your property or properties, we’ll can provide you a Property Management Agreement and get your listing started immediately! We will place a lock-box, take digital pictures of the home, and start advertising your home within 24 hours through our automated syndicated feed network. Then, we’ll show your home and find fully screened responsible tenants.

Full-Service Residential Property Management Services in Kansas City

At our rental management company, we’re dedicated to representing you and your property in the most professional way possible. We offer affordable management fees that are highly competitive in the local market. Our low service rates help homeowners maximize their profits. From our free in-home consultations and our meticulous attention to detail, to our dedicated marketing of your property and careful, complete screening of potential tenants, you’re always in good hands with the professional managers at 33rd Company. Whether you own just a single property or a large portfolio of rental properties, you can rely on us to provide the expertise in management that insures you the maximum return on your investment. Contact us today to begin your relationship with us.


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