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Complete HOA & CIC Management Services

HOA CIC Services

33rd Company® Property Management offers a complete line of Home Owners Association (HOA) and Common Interest Communities (CIC) Management Services in Kansas City and surrounding Metro Areas.

As a Fully Licensed Brokerage, Leasing and Professional Property Management Firm, our company can help your Association with every need. Your SUCCESS is assured with our talented team of professionals, contractors, and service providers.

Our Services can include Administrative and Accounting support, on-line portal help, and experience that is tailored to fit your specific HOA/CIC management needs.

Administrative Service Can Include

  • Sending compliance letters for members in violation of the Declarations and rules of the Association
  • Attending annual or periodic meetings. Performing on-site walk-abouts, and surveys.
  • Preparing and distributing annual meeting notices, proxies, annual agenda’s, and meeting support.
  • Negotiating service contracts with vendors, Contractor Management
  • Assisting in acquiring the necessary insurance for the common elements and the Association
  • Assisting in handling insurance claims
  • Preparing resale certificates, escrow questionnaire information, financials reporting.
  • Communicating with homeowners on behalf of the Board of Directors and Association
  • Keeping up with laws and court cases which may affect homeowners
  • Working with the Board to initiate a committee process within the Association to afford owners the opportunity for direct participation.
  • Providing owner lists from County Assessor's Records
  • Maintaining association Web Portals, updating financial reports, and P&L statements

Accounting Services Can Include

  • Maintaining specified operating and reserve accounts with signature cards and bank reconciliations
  • Paying Vendor and Contractor invoices in a timely manner
  • Providing monthly financial statements for operating and reserve accounts
  • Collecting dues assessments and processing delinquencies.
  • Working with an attorney to process collection actions including liens and foreclosure actions.
  • Handling payroll and taxes for onsite managers
  • Assisting in the preparation of the annual budget
  • Working with a licensed CPA or auditor for annual tax and audit preparations

Our HOA and CIC services are expected to be available in the Fall of 2018.

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