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Business entities known as Homeowner Associations (HOA) and Common Interest Communities (CIC) have distinct needs for managerial skills. While some HOA or CIC boards may be operated either by the property development firm or by resident members, performing the various tasks and duties of such associations requires significant investments of time, expertise, and knowledge of the complexities of the issues they handle. In too many cases, the paperwork generated, accounting functions, and legal mandates of an HOA or CIC board can overwhelm directors and generate problems which impact all members of the resident community.

Our firm can deliver full service management for HOA and CIC associations in the Kansas City metro area. Our many satisfied clients have earned our recognition as a premier management service provider for the Kansas and Missouri region. After assessing your unique needs, our team of seasoned mangers will craft a customized service package which will unburden your Board of Directors. We guarantee that all mandated administrative duties will be completed in a timely, complete and accurate manner. Relieved of those duties, your Board can once again give full attention to the quality of life issues that make a community truly desirable and attractive for both existing and potential new residents. Our full service menu delivers all Board mandated administration and accounting functions, including:

  • Administrative responsibilities including communications
  • Organization of both owner and Board Director meetings and events.
  • Delivery of timely official communications, contract with insurance carriers and service providers
  • Ensuring compliance with all regulations, bylaws and declarations of the association covenants and rules.
  • Avoiding errors or omissions of Board actions.

Placing those duties in the hands of a competent and experienced third party service provider like our Kansas City property management company can be a great source of stress relief for both Association Board members and developers of residential projects. In addition to a multitude of administrative functions, every HOA and CIC Board has a critical role in maintaining fiduciary responsibility for Association assets, including:

  • Accounting and management of association funds.
  • Real estate management financial administration.
  • Annual budget preparation and presentation.
  • Maintaining specialized accounts.
  • Partnering with auditors in annual tax and audit preparation duties.

If your HOA or CIC Board of Directors in the Kansas City Metro area is exploring the important step of retaining administrative, managerial and fiscal accounting services, our representatives will gladly offer a no cost consultation and deliver a proposal to meet your needs. Delivery of a cost-effective and comprehensive suite of services is our goal, keeping in mind the unique needs and concerns of every client organization.

Our unmatched record of service delivery backed by residential property management experience will assure you that the critical duties of your HOA and CIC Board will be carried out in a professional manner and fully comply with the complex regulations and mandates required of them. We look forward to your call and the opportunity to further explain what we can do for you at a time and date of your convenience.



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