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Managing Residential Rental Properties in Missouri & Kansas

As most rental property owners soon discover, managing even a single rental home brings with it both rewards and troublesome issues. From finding suitable tenants to dealing with the inevitable maintenance issues, professional property management takes the hard work out of managing properties yourself, helps to prevent costly vacancy periods, and eliminates the day-to-day work of the landlord. At our Kansas City residential property management company, our competitively priced rental property management in Kansas and Missouri is based on experience, devotion to ethics, and service to both owners and tenants. We believe that information is your key to understanding the role professional property management plays in rental property success. The links below will give you the information you need to make a good choice:

  • Why Rent Your Residential Property? – Learn all the benefits of owning rental properties, along with the many responsibilities landlords face.
  • Why Choose 33rd Company Property Management? – Discover why 33rd Company excels in professional property management and how we help make your investment work.
  • Rental Properties in the Kansas City Metro Area – Get the information you need about the rental property market throughout the Kansas City Area.
  • Our Property Management Services – Get details about the many services offered by 33rd Company to owners of better quality residential properties.
  • Finding the Right Renters – Explore the reasons why our comprehensive marketing and tenant screening process helps keep vacancies low, maximizes your return on investment, and keeps your property in great condition.
  • Free Owner Consultation – At 33rd Company, our free, no-obligation consultation at your property is your first step toward a successful, trouble-free rental experience.
  • Guidelines for Rental Property Owners – From legal issues and responsibilities of landlords in Missouri and Kansas to important factors in achieving success, you’ll find the information at this link.
  • Your Questions Answered – Excellent communication with owners is a hallmark of our management services. Here are the answers to commonly asked questions by owners.
  • Competitive Management Fees – 33rd Company prides itself on top-quality rental management services at a highly competitive price. Get the details here.

Reliable Residential Property Management for Rental Home Owners in Kansas & Missouri

Residential property owners realize many benefits from professional property management, and enjoy a steady stream of rental income from the properties they own. Choosing the right property management firm is crucial. At 33rd Company, our years of experience and the dedication of our property management professionals means that you get the expertise you need to keep your property rented to reliable tenants. Our affordable rental management fees and careful renter screening process work together with our services to keep your property in great shape while keeping your cash flow positive. Contact us to discuss your property and let us show you how our property management services stand out from the rest.


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