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HOA Maintenance in Kansas City (KC), MO | HOA Management Education

Tom Sedlack - Wednesday, February 22, 2017

HOA maintenance is something that most HOA managers only think about when there’s an issue. In many cases, maintenance is an extra service that just adds to their daily burden of providing good service to the association, so many managers just do the minimum when it comes to supporting the board. 

Project Management as a Necessity

A good management team will include a project manager who will see these projects from inception through to their completion. More importantly, the manager will function as an advocate for your board of directors by offering advice, vetting potential contractors, getting quotes, overseeing the work, and going the extra mile by engaging in effective negotiations that provide clarity to proposed projects. A talented manager will help reduce project costs, and establish defined quality, schedule, and performance metrics to determine the job is done successfully. Your management team should consist not only of your HOA agent, who handles day to day tasks like member relations and delinquencies, but also an experienced project manager who can help manage your HOA project. This could be a million dollar roof project or a roadway renovation or a simple siding repair project. An experienced team can support the board of directors and their projects in their communities.  

Look for Project Management Designations

Individuals performing such functions and coordination should also hold appropriate designations and have the training necessary to lead any maintenance, repair or improvement projects. One such designation is the Certified Maintenance Coordinator – CMC – which is a NARPM certification for just such a project manager. NARPM is the National Association of Residential Property Managers. By looking at the credentials, experience, and background of your HOA manager and the project coordinator standing behind that manager, you’ll find that you have an added valuable team member on your staff who can Tom Sedlacksuccessfully manage projects from beginning to end while keeping costs under control and ensuring vendor quality is as high as it can be. Your HOA will get the value they deserve from every contractor setting foot on your property. 

If you have any questions or HOA needs, please contact us at 33rd Company Property Management Kansas City (KC). We can provide any Kansas City HOA management education you may need.


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