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Tips for Maintaining Your Rental Home in Kansas City – Property Management Education

Tom Sedlack - Monday, September 28, 2015

If you’re a rental property owner, you want to be sure your management company has an extensive and robust process for managing and maintaining your property. There should be recurring maintenance visits that address non-episodic repairs that are necessary from time to time. During the course of a tenancy, dishwashers will stop working, disposals will get clogged and tall trees may need to be trimmed.  At 33rd Company Property Management, we get these things done quickly and easily through an established work order process that standardizes and legitimizes all repair needs. It also keeps things on record so we can take care of problems, track responses and manage the billing and invoicing. All these things are done on a regular basis.



Seasonal Maintenance



Seasonal changes often require regular maintenance. Things such as blowouts of sprinkler systems or gutter cleaning are often not considered part of a lease agreement. These are things an owner should schedule and fund to make sure they’re done properly with the right vendor. A good property manager will make sure these seasonal episodic things are taken care of.






Inspections are very important to make sure you know what’s going on at your property. We do periodic random inspections or drive bys of the exterior. This tells us that the yard and property are being maintained. We want to be sure there is no damage, no excessive vehicles parked out front or commercial activity taking place. If we find there are issues from an exterior point of view, we schedule an interior inspection just to clarify what the tenant is doing in the home. 



Professional inspections go above and beyond what we do. With a professional inspection, you can make sure the home is safe and habitable. You can also plan ahead for longer term issues such as roof and siding, and make sure they are being inspected. This helps the property owner budget for larger, long term repairs. Professional inspectors typically can be engaged for $300-$500 per visit, and we always recommend having your home inspected every three to five years.  



Tenants and Maintenance



We want tenants to treat the home like it was their own. Since tenants want to get the full security deposit back, they will take care of the property. Ordinary wear and tear is an entitlement, and we expect our tenants to live in the home responsibly. If something happens that goes above and beyond ordinary wear and tear, we’re fair and reasonable. We use discounted vendors who get the work done quickly and affordably.



Tenants should know that we will maintain the home. That’s our policy. We give you the home and the appliances, so we’ll take care of those things for you. The point of renting is to make your life simple and flexible so you do not have to worry about the furnace going out or emergency expenses. Renting should be easy and fun.   Also, everyone runs into the occasional “oops.” Every now and then red wine or Kool Aid might get spilled on the carpet. If you give us a call right away, we can get a vendor over there to do quick work at affordable rates that can hopefully bail you out or an issue and keep your home in good shape. 



Finally, we provide emergency services 24/7. Our staff is always just a phone call away or easily accessed on our web portal. If you have a problem, we’ll get it taken care of immediately.


If you’re looking for a reliable Kansas City Property Manager who can maintain your rental property well, please contact us at 33rd Company Property Management. 


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