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What Are the Benefits of a Tenant Criminal Background Check?

Tom Sedlack - Wednesday, June 8, 2022
Property Management Blog

There is a 33% turnover rate in the property management field, and part of this is due to the challenges you face when dealing with tenants. There are ways to avoid these challenges starting with conducting a tenant background check.

Do you have properties you've recently invested in? If so, it's understandable that you want to get tenants in them as soon as possible, but pump your breaks.

In your haste to fill your properties, you forget to do something meaningful; conduct a tenant criminal background check. It's easy to assume that you don't need one because you're a good judge of character.

But you need to perform a tenant background check even in the best circumstances because it has several benefits.

Check out these benefits and some tenant background check tips below.

Reduce Property Manager Liability

The first benefit you stand to gain when performing a tenant background check is that it reduces your risk of liability. If a tenant is injured or has their property stolen when living in one of your homes, you're protected if they attempt to sue you.

No one wants to face a lawsuit when the injury or damage is the tenant's fault. It's not just about keeping yourself protected but also about doing what's best for your tenants.

In this case, performing a background check will ensure that everyone is protected no matter how long they choose to rent out your property.

Fewer Property Vacancies, Reduction in Lost Rent

One of the issues that many landlords face is having numerous vacant properties or having tenants in properties who are failing to pay rent. At the pandemic's beginning, people who couldn't pay rent were given a pass, but that has since been lifted.

Not people need to pay rent, and your criminal background check will let you know if the potential tenant has a history of failing to pay their rent. If you notice this red flag or others, it's safe to say you should pass on renting out your property to them.

Reduction in Crime and Property Vandalism

Some tenants have a history of damaging or destroying the property and leaving the landlord to clean up their mess. Don't let this happen to you.

Another key benefit of performing a tenant criminal background check is reducing property crime.

Even after performing a tenant background check, you need to ensure you have before and after photos of each of your properties.

This is so you can have proper documentation of the property's condition before tenants and how they left the property when they've moved out.

Benefits of Performing a Tenant Criminal Background Check

As a property manager, you never want to insinuate that your potential tenants are criminals. It's essential to protect yourself and your property by performing a tenant criminal background check.

A criminal background check will protect you from property damage and reduce the liability you take on. Are you looking for a platform that has tenant screening information and more?

Contact 33rd Company Property Management and let us help you get your properties filled today.


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