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Whether you’re a homeowner who is reluctant to sell your home at today’s reduced prices or a seasoned real estate investor with a portfolio of residential rental homes, you know that there are many excellent reasons to become a landlord. Our rental property management company understands those reasons and can help make your better-quality and high-quality Kansas City metro area residential property an even better investment for today and a wealth-builder for the future. Some of the many benefits of being a rental property owner include:

  • High Demand for Rentals – Recent economic conditions have forced many previous homeowners and potential home buyers into the rental market, increasing demand and raising rents across the Kansas City metro area.
  • Regular Income Flow – Cash flow is important in many investments, and rental property is an excellent source of active cash flow.
  • Tax Benefits – Real estate owners who rent their properties can get significant tax benefits from depreciation. We can provide you a tax guide that shows you how to maximize your tax savings. A typical $300,000 rental home can save over $300 per month in tax benefits.
  • Equity Building – Equity is wealth, and investing in rental property that maintains a low vacancy rate is a time-proven wealth building strategy.
  • Property Appreciation – Today’s historically low residential real estate prices appear to have bottomed out, with appreciation over time almost a certainty. Appreciation is an important aspect of wealth building through real estate investments.
  • Cash Flow from Unsold Property – For many homeowners, selling one home to upgrade to a new home has been difficult, and low current prices may make selling a previous home a bad idea. Renting that previous home lets its value recover and appreciate, while generating income.
  • Opportunities at All Levels – Owning residential rental properties as an investment can be done at any level, from a single property to a large portfolio of homes.
  • Income from Estate - Owned Property – Property inherited by a family group poses some unique problems. Selling the property at current low prices diminishes the value of the estate.Renting that property out to responsible tenants provides cash flow while the value appreciates over time.
  • Wealth Building Through Property Ownership – The number of attractively-priced homes in foreclosure or available through short sales is a powerful attraction to individuals interested in building rental home portfolios. In many cases, rental income can exceed mortgage payments and the potential for future appreciation is high.

Our rental property management company takes great pride in our reputation of providing top-quality rental property management services for both property owners and tenants. Whether you’re the owner of a single property or are a real estate investor with a large portfolio, our experience, skills, and dedication to professional client services is your assurance of a trouble-free experience and low vacancy rates. Our management fees are highly competitive to lower your cost and maximize your cash flow. Contact us today for a free owner consultation or to discuss your property management needs.


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