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Why Hire Professional Property Management Services in Kansas City

It’s well recognized that owning a residential rental property is an excellent way to create positive cash flow and invest for the future. From a single residential property to a large portfolio of residential investment properties, ownership of rental properties in Kansas City provides many benefits. Still, managing rental properties can be a complex and sometimes bewildering job for most people, especially those who have never dealt with renters and all aspects of renting and managing a home. From legal requirements and keeping records to finding good tenants and keeping properties in good condition, the demands on the property owner can be daunting. For most residential rental property owners, hiring a property management service company is the answer. Our residential management company provides professional property management services throughout the Kansas City metro area. We take over the complex tasks of managing your property at very competitive fees. Many property owners find that they save money and improve rental income through our services. We help with all management needs, including:

  • Advertising & Marketing – When we advertise your property, it will appear on hundreds of websites and in other media, attracting prospective tenants quickly. In addition, we have a large network of referrals, including relocation companies and corporations who recommend 33rd Company to their clients and employees who are relocating. We handle all the calls and inquiries. We also know the rental values and other factors in your area and can help you get top rental rates. We’ll find prospective tenants quickly and minimize your vacancy time, which is probably your biggest expense. We handle all showings of the property, along with check-in and check-out inspections.
  • Careful, Thorough Tenant Screening – It’s very difficult for an individual rental home owner to properly screen prospective tenants, and failure to find problems can spell disaster for any residential property owner. We screen all prospects thoroughly using a comprehensive discrepancy based review process. We check criminal background and credit history, and verify employment and income. We also check with prior landlords. The result is qualified, reliable tenants for your property, who will keep your rental income flowing smoothly and take good care of the home.
  • Rental Agreements & Documentation – Our rental and lease agreements reviewed and approved by our attorney are in full compliance with all federal laws and meet the requirements of both Kansas and Missouri. We also handle check-in and check-out transitions and create detailed inspection reports and prepare all required tax related forms for you.
  • Rent Collection & Payments – We collect rent from tenants through automatic ACH / EFT debits from the tenant’s checking or savings account, and deposit your rental income automatically in your account, after deducting our fees and other charges. We hold security deposits in escrow accounts and manage them in accordance with local laws. If there’s ever a problem with collecting rent, we handle the issue for you. We supply you with a full accounting monthly and produce all tax reports needed, so you can give them to your tax preparer.
  • We Communicate with Tenants – You’ll never be disturbed by calls from tenants. We provide all tenants with a telephone number they can call 24/7. We handle all maintenance issues, using our network of licensed and insured repair services and contractors. We get volume discounts and pass them along to you. We always act as a go-between for all communications between you and your tenants.
  • We Handle all Problems – You’ll never have to deal with a tenant who proves to be a problem. We have extensive experience with difficult tenants, although our careful screening minimizes such problems. From collecting late rent payments to serving legal papers and eviction notices, you’ll be insulated from any such issues.
  • Care of Your Property – We monitor your property on a periodic basis to make sure tenants are keeping it in good condition. If discrepancies occur, we work to correct them at the lowest possible cost to you. Our careful tenant screenings eliminate most of such issues. In addition, you decide on conditions like pet ownership, or changes to fixtures or painting, and other issues for your property.
  • Highly Competitive Service Fees – We make renting your home not only easy, but also affordable. Our fees are among the lowest in the region. We also provide affordable maintenance services from a network of contractors. Our goal is to minimize your rental management cost while maximizing your profits.

Residential Rental Property Management Services, Kansas City, Kansas & Missouri

You won’t need to worry about the many complexities and issues that come with owning residential rental property. At 33rd Company Property Management, that’s our job, and we have the years of experience and expertise to handle it properly. We also have the knowledge and technology needed to keep your property rented at the best possible rental rates and by well-screened, reliable tenants who will take proper care of your property. You can relax and forget be at ease about your property, while you devote your time to other activities. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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33rd Company Property Management is committed to ensuring that its website is accessible to people with disabilities. All the pages on our website will meet W3C WAI's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0, Level A conformance. Any issues should be reported to Website Accessibility Policy