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Renting a home for you and your family often makes a lot of sense, both financially and for maximum convenience. If you’re looking for great homes for rent in Kansas City and the surrounding metro area in both Kansas and Missouri, you already know that finding the ideal home at the right price can be a tough job. Dealing with individual property owners can add to the complexity of renting and moving into a new home, too. Using a professional property management company, like 33rd Company, to find a great home and handle all the details of leasing, maintenance, repairs, etc., is your best bet. Our rental home listings can help you locate a home for rent in your desired area, and our professional services let us act as an objective go-between for you and the property owner, simplifying the entire process. Some of the reasons to consider 33rd Company include:

  • Excellent Rental Home Listings – We specialize in managing better quality single-family homes, townhomes, and condominium properties. All of our listings are clean, well maintained and ready to occupy.
  • Great Locations – Since we have homes for rent in Missouri and Kansas, throughout the Kansas City metro area, we can help you find a home close to your place of work, in great neighborhoods, and with easy commutes to your job.
  • Professional Service – At 33rd Company, professionalism is our hallmark. At every stage of our relationship with both property owners and tenants, we act as an objective, fair intermediary, from the beginning of the process to the day you move to a different home.
  • Relocation Services – If you’re moving to the Kansas City area for a new job or are relocating for any reason, we’ll work with you to find an ideal home for rent in the location you desire. We know Kansas City and its suburbs intimately, and can assist you in choosing a home in your favorite community, with all the amenities you’re looking for. Let us help you minimize the stress of your move.
  • Better Landlord & Renter Relationships – From property showings and move-in inspections to handling maintenance issues, collecting rent and handling security deposits, the professional property managers at 33rd Company have the experience and objectivity to make the landlord and tenant relationship a smooth and conflict-free experience.
  • Maintenance & Repair Services – Whenever maintenance and repairs are needed for your rental home, you can count on the prompt, reliable, professional services of our trusted contractors and repair services. One call or click to us gets the process started, and we’ll handle all the communications with the property owner. We maintain an emergency number you can call at any time, day or night, whenever urgent repairs are needed.
  • Accurate, Fair Tenant Screening – Our comprehensive screening of prospective tenants includes income and employment verification, credit screening, a criminal background check, and a check of previous landlord recommendations. We respect and guard your confidential, personal information very carefully.
  • Automatic Rent Collection – Rents are collected through automatic ACH / EFT withdrawals from your bank account. That eliminates the hassle of writing monthly checks, or forgetting to pay your monthly rent and incurring unwanted late fees.
  • Understandable Lease Documents – Our rental lease documents are easy to understand, and comply with all legal requirements of both Missouri and Kansas. Our professional property managers will explain all terms of the lease and can negotiate any changes with you and the property owner.
  • Excellent Communications – As part of our commitment to customer service, we’ll always be available to discuss any issues with you as a renter. We will act as an intermediary between you and the property owner and work diligently to find mutually satisfactory solutions to any problems that may occur.

Making Renting Your New Home a Pleasure in Kansas City, KS & MO

At 33rd Company, our goal is always to facilitate the relationship between property owners and tenants. Through our strong commitment to professional and ethical property management services, both you and the property owner benefit from services that treat both parties objectively and fairly at all times. We’ll help you find a rental home that meets your requirement and budget and will help make sure that your experience as a tenant is as problem free as possible. Both your rights as a tenant and the rights of the property owner are assured with 33rd Company as the property manager. Contact us today to get started in finding your next rental home in Kansas City.


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